Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My new blogging home

Just thought I would pop up a little post and let you all know that I am now officially over on tumblr at http://thecerealdiner.tumblr.com/. I am oh so happy with my new site and have launched it with a super awesome new recipe.

If you are all up on the social media scene you can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @thecerealdiner

Come visit me as I would love to say hi!


  1. Sorry tumblr is a bit beyond me as is twitter but I am now following on Pinterest!!!
    Have thoroughly enjoyed all your recipes and enjoyed meeting you....Good luck with your new ventures and your house mates sound absolute gems!!

    1. Hi Jules,
      Tumblr is just like Blogger, it is just the site that hosts my blog and my new blog is laid out in the same kind of style as this one.
      If you can't get it working then I would be happy to email you my recipes when I post them up as you have been my favourite follower and I really do enjoy your feedback. Send me an email at thecerealdiner@gmail.com
      Looking forward to Pinning with you and thanks for following me!