Tuesday, 14 February 2012

happy singles appreciation day to all the solo cooks

A lot of single people don't enjoy the dreaded date of February 14, Valentine's Day. The singles of the world tend to get frustrated seeing all the mooshy things that the couples of the world are doing. I for one, am not worried about Valentine's Day because I LOVE being single. Embrace it! Celebrate the fact that you aren't going to end up getting some stinking bottle of perfume that you hate the smell of and have to wear for the next couple of weeks so you don't offend anyone. Celebrate the fact that tonight you can go and hang out with all of your lovely lady/men friends and have a good laugh. Celebrate the fact that you get to sleep diagonal across your bed. Celebrate the fact that you don't have anyone leaving their dirty clothes on the floor. Celebrate the fact that you can do whatever you want and there is no one to stop you.

I don't have a recipe of my own to post tonight as I am going to go and have a nice G&T with some of my favourite single ladies but I do have a recipe to share with you from Monique at Fat and Happy - Broken-Hearted Chocolate Black Pepper Cookies. These look scrumptious and I will definitely be giving them a try real soon.


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